Mosel Town

This page is dedicated to the romantic Art Nouveau towns of the Mosel. The president of the  Art Deco Society of Western Australia, Vyonne Geneve, recently sent me an email stating, “The main distinction between Art Nouveau and Art Deco (which followed in time) is that Art Nouveau (being based on plant forms) is curvilinear and Art Deco geometrical.”

Like the Mosel, Art Nouveau is renowned for it’s sinuous form.  Art Nouveau is historically recognised as being a movement to break with historism and period style.   Click the Image for an Art Nouveau tour of T-T at the Mosel: This is a small extract from an extensive brochure about Art Nouveau and it’s influence on T-T which you can purchase on arrival at the Tourist-Information office.

For further information please contact:

Claudia Richter <>

Welcome to the Mosel Wein Nachts Markt

© TI Traben-Trarbach

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