Vineyard Surfing

I’ve mentioned that the Australian surf has been traded for the Mosel slopes. Thanks to the weather Europe has been experiencing, it has been possible for me to combine two passions which would otherwise be worlds apart.

Our first contact at the Mosel was Jan Klein (Staffelter Hof). As many would know, Staffelter Hof is a great address for enrolling in a culture-packed ‘Mosel 101.’ “Reece, do you want to drive out to a vineyard at 4am tomorrow and pick frozen Riesling?” We arrived safely at Thorsten Melsheimer’s vineyard on a January morning in 2008 to see car-lit rows of glistening fruit. This is a story in itself (note to self – icewine post). Anyway, it was during this visit in 07/08 that I saw the vineyards covered in snow for the first time. Already my mind began to wander…..mmmm, is that achievable on a snowboard? Here we are three years later and the chance has arrived. My neighbour tells me this region hasn’t seen snow like this in thirty years. I called Thorsten a few days ago with the aim of convincing him to dust off his retro, 2m-long skis, bind his 2m-tall frame to them and join me in some winter silliness – he didn’t need too much convincing!  Here is a little iphone-generated movie which will give you an idea of what took place. A big thanks to Jan and Beate for filming!! Thorsten, cheers for the somewhat rushed tour of your Goldlay vineyard;)