The Mosel Jacuzzi

A friend celebrated his birthday recently. Expecting to arrive to Wurst on the grill and a fridge full of beer, it came as quite a shock to find a household radiator lying in a bonfire. Attached were two hoses and a pump which delivered water from the Hot Tub (a retired grape bin), through the cooking-hot radiator and back to the tub…..Ingenious 🙂

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NECTO Riesling 2011

At the Mosel we have many small parcels of fruit (many small vineyard blocks). The advantages of having varying vineyard sites at the Mosel are differing altitudes, orientations, soil structures, vine ages and rootstocks. This leads to lots of interesting ingredients when making a wine….a touch of primary fruit from there, some lively acidity from up there and some palate weight from over there.

That is how we make our new Riesling range – NECTO (in Latin – to connect/bind).

NECTO is produced in three styles to show off the diversity of riesling from the Mosel:

NECTO 1: trocken (dry)

NECTO 2: feinherb (medium-dry)

NECTO 3: edelsüss (Botrytis sweet – dessert-style)

Below are a few images depicting the production of NECTO 2011:

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Traben-Trarbach lights up the Mosel

Wow, I’ve always admired Traben-Trarbach for it’s idyllic surroundings but this image really captures the essence of a night on the town in T-T. The future is looking bright in this Mosel Town.

© TI Traben-Trarbach

This winter T-T held it’s first Mosel-Wein-Nachts-Markt which is a play on words from the original Weihnachtsmarkt which can be found at Christmas in most towns and major cities. The difference being that the Christmas market held in T-T is underground in the traditional wine cellars. Be sure to organize your next winter holiday to Germany around the 2012 Mosel-Wein-Nachts-Markt. 

© TI Traben-Trarbach

Welcome to the Shire


The Hobbit Project is alive! If you had ever dreamed of making your own wine or you’d like to become part of a global team of winemakers – here is the chance. The Hobbit Project is a great way to expose yourself to winemaking whilst becoming part of the a very unique culture found only at the Mosel Valley in Germany. Click the link above to join our clan…..

Crushpad at the Mosel


The word on the grapevine is that Crushpad will be announcing a project at the Mosel Valley in the coming weeks for the 2011 vintage. So, all you riesling fans (and anyone interested in a unique cultural experience from the comfort of your own living room) get on over to the Crushpad website to see how you become the winemaker. More detailed information regarding the Mosel Valley coming soon….