Fumé Plonk

Today is an exciting day for me at the Mosel. A few years ago I spoke to a friend/winemaker here at the Mosel about planting Sauvignon Blanc….

Tonight I have the pleasure of trying the first bottled vintage, Fumé Plonk. For those of you who are familiar with fumé blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and oak will be the prompt.

In the land of Riesling it’s refreshing and motivating to taste the potential this grape variety has in the valley. This 2012er displays tomato bush, olive oil and melons on the nose supported by a refreshing yet silky-smooth palate. Well done Staffelter Hof! Having said this, there are a few corners to round off – but when isn’t there? I forgot to ask Jan Klein for the selling price but I’m expecting another bargain from the Mosel Valley.

The back label reads, “Sauvignon Blanc from the Mosel? What does it taste like then? Definitely different – Just try it!”

For the average Moselaner it tastes different but for all of you SB fans out there, you’ll feel right at home slurping on this one..


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