May is my favourite month to be at the Mosel. It seems like everything around you comes out to play. Within days the Mosel transforms into a basin of exploding lifeforms. I spent hours exploring our garden and vineyard. Perhaps the norm for the locals but as an Australian, the season-swing is shockingly beautiful.

Below are a few shots from the vineyard in the last 14 days.

The pruning  varied throughout the block this year. This first one is designed to spread out 3 to 4 short canes which will retain around 12 buds. During the growing season the advantages include vertical shoot growth, controlled grape-zone (useful when spraying), very fast pruning, no tying down. The disadvantages include: it takes time to get the shoots in a position which deliver the advantages above and a timely “tying up” is essential (otherwise shoots break off).


The pruning below provides two, medium-length canes. Of course, very easy to prune and to maintain adequate crown height. The vertical training is very easy which allows room to work between the rows. This however will probably lead to less airflow in the grape zone. Apical dominance is extreme.


The Double Bogan is a classic. A real attention-seeker during the growing months though.


The lonely bogan is a good option for the beginner. You can break a few during tying down until you’re left with one cane. This one could be a touch smaller but we need some extra juice…who knows what we’ll be left with after the fungal, hail and animal attacks take place.


This was taken two weeks after the shots above. Feed me Seymour!


Not a massive fan of Roses but this one had some yummy Mai-Stench going on.


Known as Maiglöckchen or Lily of the Valley, these little guys were living under our apple trees but now reside in the Kitchen.


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