This post isn’t new. In fact, this post was written over a decade ago…

It doesn’t have anything to do with making riesling at the Mosel.

These are a few moments which have influenced my approach to life here at the Mosel (after looking at these I realized why it’s difficult to connect the wires). Aaah, thankful for the postcards. I was starting to forget who I am.

Now, where’s that damn blue wire?

4 thoughts on “Postcards

  1. Hei (norwegian Hi) Reece, beautiful post.
    We are coming to Bernkastel from 14th-19th of may.
    Maybe we could meet with the kids.


    • Hi Andreas,
      Yeh cheers, found some old photos of mine. It felt like someone (me from the past) had sent me these postcards to remind me of my former lifestyle 😉
      For sure, contact me when you’re here and we’ll organise something!

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