Pure Winemaking = White Wine Sediment

The wine industry spends a considerable amount of energy on avoiding any form of sediment in white wines……aka Tartrates or Weinstein (wine stones) in German. Tartrates are harmless deposits that separate from wines during fermentation and aging. I’ve been filtering the 2011 Riesling and found some tartrates for you….

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Tartrate becomes less soluble in alcohol and therefore settles out of the wine. Should this natural process occur  later in the bottle, uninformed consumers mistaken this harmless crystal-like sediment for glass. Do you freak out when you see sediment at the bottom of your red wine bottle? In red wine, sediment has a different appearance and is therefore accepted. Orange juice without bits – how wrong!

Instead of educating the consumer, the wine industry elected the scientific approach to  avoid sediment in white wines. As a result wine quality is jeopardized due to unnecessary wine processes/additions being made to remove/mask tartrates.

If you find sediment in my riesling, consider yourself lucky as the wine in your glass is straight from the vineyard – not the lab. Weinstein is a sign of natural winemaking!!

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