Unterwasser Weinprobe – Scheiß Hochwasser!

I mentioned Weingut Römer Hof was holding an underwater wine tasting in cooperation with Yeti Divers, Blickfang Werbung and the city of Traben-Trarbach as part of the Mosel Wein Nachts Markt. Yesterday the German Wine Queen, Annika Strebel, joined us at the table. A series of blind tastings took place with communication taking the form of a underwater writing slate and various hand signals. The tasters could determine varying residual sugar levels, grape varieties and vertical tastings. The 2006 Auslese from Trabener Würzgarten was a favourite.

Pre-Dive with the German Wine Queen.

Setting the table...

This won't hurt a bit...trust me!

Damn Hochwasser!

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