Underwater Wine tasting – mmm, why not!

mmm well, we were approached by a dive school in the region… Yeti-Divers. Werner Lamberti suggested we do the world’s first official underwater wine tasting as one of the events at the 2011 Mosel-Wein-Nachts-Markt. At first I was thinking, Werner, you’ve lost your marbles pal. We purchased some syringes, jumped in the local pool with our O2 bottles and worked our way through a couple of wines. First test: which wine has the most residual sugar? What is the variety (ok, if you got stuck here, process of elimination would probably encourage you to select Riesling)?

The experience was interesting. Never before, have I placed so much emphasis on the wine tasting-tools in my mouth. The public will be given the chance to participate. They will taste underwater and then out of the water (blind of course) comparing their results. Hopefully we get some consistent findings. I just hope the participants stay relaxed when I ask them to remove their regulators whilst approaching them with a syringe.


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