2011 liquified – Mosel Style

Just racked the last party of juice to tank and filtered the last portion of juice lees for 2011. Result: 41000 L, 25 different ferments from 17 different vineyard sites, 7 different yeast types, a bunch of wild ferments and a sparkling Willmes Press has been wheeled off into it’s dark corner until this time next year.

Making Riesling at the Mosel – my love for this place expands with every vintage. Haha, 41000L and 25 different ferments…classic. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve taken on the role of winemaker at Weingut Römer Hof in Traben-Tarbach at the Mosel. This is my first vintage with Römer Hof and I’m having a blast. With the help of our web designer we’ve put together a new website (which hasn’t reached full-maturity) and I’m stripping back the number of Riesling wines from a single vintage to just 3 or 4 labels (trust me this isn’t many at the Mosel). The labels themselves have just undergone a massive transformation, introducing some helpful, self-explanatory graphics, aiming to reduce the often misleading terminology found on a bottle of Mosel Riesling.

Back to the cellar: some serious blending trials (not widely practiced here) will take place next year to determine the different attributes from the 17 different vineyard sites. Like a cook in the kitchen with various ingredients, the goal is to use the various mesoclimates to give each of the 4 wines the character which best fits their style. Lets be honest, in terms of grape varieties, Mosel Riesling is the chameleon of wine style.

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