Creme Caramel – Auslesered

A glass of Römer Hof Auslese sparked an idea last weekend. Good friends of ours were visiting from Australia. Sabine is a German chef living in Sydney with her gifted fiancé, Tim. The two of them are looking to open a restaurant in Sydney next year. If you have the Triple J app ‘Unearthed’ on your phone, ‘Tim Watkins’ is well worth a listen. Tim is also no slouch in the wine department. Tim and Sabine are on tour at the moment, tasting their way through Europe.

Whilst pairing some recipe ideas to various styles of Riesling on the weekend we found ourselves quickly standing in front of a warm pan of Auslese and sugar. The goal was to create a caramel using Auslese instead of water. The honeyed, acidic nature of Auslese provided an interesting edge to this simple treat used in the famous Creme Caramel. Give it a go sometime……..

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