James and Thea – Summer

Back in winter we pruned two vines using two different methods. The two vines were named James and Thea. Here is a little update on the couple as they progress during the growing season. James seems to have tighter bunches (i.e. the berries are closer to one another within the bunch). This may also be associated with N levels in the plant – Thea looks like she’s slightly deficient in the Nitrogen department.  We try to avoid tight bunches in order to prevent botrytis infection. I also had the feeling that the James’ skins were a lot thicker. This will play a roll when pressing the grapes with regards to phenolic extraction. At this stage, I would have to be leaning towards the more traditional method of pruning which Thea received – the Mosel Heart….by the way, Congratulations Brownie and Thea!





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