Establishing a Vineyard – Mosel Style

With the introduction of the rauper, the steepest of vineyards can now be accessed by machinery. Last year I decided to replant two vineyards at a south-orientated site called Steffensberg. Here are some images and footage of the young riesling vines. I would like to thank the owner of the footage who proudly posted it on his own website;)

old vineyard in desperate need of a renovation

This is how we removed the old vines…….. go 35 seconds (and at 1m43s the soil is prepared for planting).

Adjusting the soil pH with lime (CaCO3)

The new rows were orientated with string to guide the driver whilst planting the new vines. At 30s you’ll hear “oh, shit” in German – I feared at that point we didn’t have enough vines for the two sites (thankfully, everything worked out).

young vine protection

At 2mins you’ll see the vineyard 3 months after planting. The vines seemed to feel right at home. We focused on root establishment in the first year. In 2011 we’ll continue to focus on soil health as well as growing a straight and healthy cane (which will become the trunk next year).

2 thoughts on “Establishing a Vineyard – Mosel Style

  1. Are you going to drive a post for every plant ? In the Mosel region how do they drive posts into all that rock ?

    • Hi David,
      each vine gets a 1.2m long “Stäbchen” (metal rod, slightly viewable in photo). Depending on the preparation of the soil before planting, most of the time you can put them in with your hands. If not, a mallet does the trick. The rods are then connected to the lowest trellising wire.

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