Thought Pruning

I’ve spent some quality time in the vineyards recently. After hours of pruning the shears carve their way down the row whilst you subconsciously design two years worth of growth.

Most conscious thoughts are random at best! I call them 10 viners (i.e. they occupy you for ten vines).  Once and a while I’ll find myself challenged for a few rows or so. Occasionally I’ll smell, hear or see something which is distinctly foreign to me.  A normal reaction no doubt, for an Australian pruning away in a Mosel vineyard. Recent thought pruning has inspired a little research. What is the Mosel Valley? What is a Mosel Riesling? I did what any tourist does, ask the locals. Throughout the year I’ll post some of their answers. To get the tractor rolling, Johannes Selbach of Weingut Selbach-Oster wrote:

The Mosel is……a beautiful winter wonderland this year (2010/2011).

Mosel Riesling is……. an utterly delicious testimony to almost 2000 years and countless generations’ efforts of singling out the best sites, the best suited grape and ( still ongoing ) best viticultural practices for one of the most beautiful places on earth to make fine wine. 

And I didn’t translate a thing! Respect. The words, ‘countless generations’ efforts,’ capture the essence of this place. These people aren’t going to work each morning just to feed the family and sponsor their next Ryan Air holiday. Each time a Moselaner enters the vineyard, he or she is protecting, maintaining and providing a culture which cannot be imitated.

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