James and Thea – Winter

I’d like to introduce you to, James and Thea. They’ve been living with one another for 47 years now. Both of them are the real deal -100% Riesling (i.e. not grafted to an american rootstock). We’re going to track their every growth from now until this time next year. There won’t be too much to report during the coming months whilst they sleep their way through winter. This afternoon however, they received a much-needed trim. You’ll notice James has gone the short back and sides (click on image) compared to Thea who opted for a little more length. Each of their neigbours within a row will receive the same treatments, leaving us with alternating rows of “Kron-schnitt,” and cane-pruning respectively.  Thea will receive some styling before Spring in the form of the traditional Mosel heart-shape. James on the other hand will receive more attention post-budbreak as his new shoots will need timely support to ensure they don’t snap under their own weight. Sleep tight you two….

4 thoughts on “James and Thea – Winter

  1. Pretty awesome idea to get this blog going. Great to catch up on things in Germany and to watch the vines grow. Knowing James and Thea’s response to cold weather, I’d hope we are sleeping at the moment. As a rule I don’t get out of bed if the temperature is less than 2deg celcius, unless there is fresh POW and a steep hill.

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